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Family Mediation

Family mediation refers to mediation of family matters in general and divorce cases, including child-related issues. All matters may be considered in mediation, including parental responsibility and residence of children, equitable distribution of assets and liabilities, alimony, child support, visitation, and any other matter in dispute.

These mediations are generally conducted in one session of two to three hours. Often times it is necessary for the parties to return if further information is needed by them before making decisions.

What goes on in mediations is confidential and privileged if the mediation is court ordered or if the parties agree to keep it confidential. The only exceptions are certain violations of the law which are never confidential. The Mediator is a neutral, impartial facilitator whose job is to assist the parties to reach a mutual understanding and agreement. The Mediator is not a decision maker; a Judge is the decision maker. In mediation, the parties are able to make their own decisions about their families, their assets and liabilities, and their respective futures.

The cost of mediation is a fraction of the costs of litigating claims before the Court. Usually, the parties equally pay the cost of the Mediator, which is due and payable at the conclusion of each session. Fees should be agreed upon prior to the commencement of any mediation process, and the parties are fully informed in advance. At any time, the parties may agree to terminate mediation if necessary.  My standard fees are $225.00 per hour with a minimum of two hours for any mediation session.

If you feel this would be an appropriate means to a resolution for your family, you may contact me at (904) 540-6512, and we will schedule a mediation session for you and the other party. You may also request information on line through the link to the right.




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